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South East Qld

ATV Group

Meetings Now Live to Air

A huge advantage of moving our meetings to the Redcliffe Club, is we can use their ATV transmitter.

So if you are unable to be at the meeting, keep an eye on proceedings via the repeater outputs or via the BATC streaming.

During the meetings you can call in on 146.925MHz (VK4RRC) repeater.

G20 related interference

VK4RMG is suffering from interference at the moment from a temporary radar installation located near Maleny.  Viewers will observe an almost total loss of picture periodically when the radar is in a sweep cycle.  Apparently the radar has a RF output of 65kW in the 1270MHz region, pulsed into rather large directed arrays.  Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it, however it will disappear after G20.

Worldwide ATV QSO party

Big, big thank you to Peter Cossins, VK3BFG for organising this and herding the cats.  Peter wrangled operators from VK2, VK3, VK4, VK5 & VK7, and managed to keep it all together.  The schedule was Friday evening, VK ops only.  Saturday 10am was participation from Columbous, Ohio (W6ATN), and then 1pm from California.  Saturday evening was for the UK operators.

The Club got involved with the Worldwide ATV QSO party last weekend (30th of August).  Peter, VK4EA, acted as the VK4 anchor coordinating with the VK anchor, Peter Cossins, VK3BFG.  Unfortunately previous commitments limited the participation to Saturday only.

Being fairly new to ATV there was quite a bit of head scratching involved to make it work.  First, receiving.  At home I use a Strong STB to receive VK4RMG and feed a 21" LCD TV via HDMI, and from the STB AV outputs I also feed an EasyCAP to provide the video to the Adobe Live Streaming software required for the BATC streamer.  The challenge was to also provide a Skype feed for VK3BFG to relay to VK3RTV and W6ATN repeaters.  Whilst taking a screen capture of the BATC streamer was doable, the quality would have suffered.  I found the answer using vMix, in that it has a neat feature that streams the output, this output becomes available as a video source in Adobe Flash encoder as well as Skype.

 Neat, I was able to preserve the BATC streamer while allowing Peter to pipe the repeater output to his links whenever he wanted.
QSO party RX setup 


QSO party TX setup



And then, transmit.  My station at the moment is analogue, the final setup is depicted here.  While there was no local content, I would screen capture the BATC stream from VK3RTV and transmit it to VK4RMG. Got a bit tricky with the audio but found another neat solution to share audio feeds using Virtual Audio Cable.  As my TX is FM, Peter asked to take my live shack feed direct via Skype.  My newly acquired webcam has a good resolution so there was a minimal drop in quality.  If any local digital op wanted to come up Peter would have taken the Skype feed from the streaming PC (RX side).

This is kinda cool, vMix allowed me to mix any video and audio input connected to my main PC, and decide exactly what went to the repeater.  For when I was transmitting locally from the webcam, I made sure that vMix was not using the webcam and used Skype direct to VK3BFG.  The delay between my Skype, and the BATC streaming output was considerable!







VK4RMG - ATV Repeater - Oceanview

Output - 446.5MHz DVB-T (QPSK)

Main inputs - 1283MHz FM and 1287MHz DVB-S


7.30PM First Tuesday of the month

Redcliffe & Districts Radio Club

Voice Net - Repeater info

8.00PM - Every Wednesday

Repeater Timetable

Repeater timetable (ATV liasion 147.400MHz simplex)

(very flexible - if you want to come up please call on the ATV liasion frequency)

Sunday 9.00am - WIA News and QNews

Monday 7.00pm - Redcliffe & Districts Radio Club live

Tuesday evening 7.30pm - VK4EA

Wednesday evening 8.00pm - VK4YAC - in conjunction with the voice net

Thursday evening 8.00pm - NASA feed - VK4ABZ

Friday evening 7.00pm - Ham Nation by VK4SU