pm5544-RMG-New Small 

South East Qld

ATV Group

AGM 2015

The 2015 AGM has been held, the management committee elected ->

President - Arnold - VK4SU

Treasurer - Andy - VK4KCS

Secretary - Bruce - VK4EHT


Vice-president - Alan - VK4NA

Webmaster - Peter - VK4EA


VK4RMG - ATV Repeater - Oceanview

Output - 446.5MHz DVB-T (QPSK)

Main inputs - 1283MHz FM and 1287MHz DVB-S


7.30PM First Tuesday of the month

Redcliffe & Districts Radio Club

Voice Net - Repeater info

8.00PM - Every Wednesday

Repeater Timetable

Repeater timetable (ATV liasion 147.400MHz simplex)

(very flexible - if you want to come up please call on the ATV liasion frequency)

Sunday 9.00am - WIA News and QNews

Monday 7.00pm - Redcliffe & Districts Radio Club live

Tuesday evening 7.30pm - VK4EA

Wednesday evening 8.00pm - VK4YAC - in conjunction with the voice net

Thursday evening 8.00pm - NASA feed - VK4ABZ

Friday evening 7.00pm - Ham Nation by VK4SU