pm5544-RMG-New Small 

South East Qld

ATV Group


 The SEQATV Group are focused on encouraging activity on television within the Amateur allocations.

The executive ask these three questions when presented with a decision ->

1. what's the best outcome for the mode (ATV)?

2. what's the best outcome for the Club (SEQATV Group)?

3. what's the best outcome for the hobby?

This is the basic philosphy of the Club, no egos, no personalities, just Amateurs enjoying ATV. 

Membership is $20 / year - membership form (we will make this online eventually).

Meeting Information

Unless otherwise noted, general meetings are held on the first Tuesday on the month at the Redcliffe & Districts Radio Club


VK4RMG - ATV Repeater - Oceanview

Output - 446.5MHz DVB-T (QPSK)

Main inputs - 1283MHz FM and 1287MHz DVB-S


7.30PM First Tuesday of the month

Redcliffe & Districts Radio Club

Voice Net - Repeater info

8.00PM - Every Wednesday

Repeater Timetable

Repeater timetable (ATV liasion 147.400MHz simplex)

(very flexible - if you want to come up please call on the ATV liasion frequency)

Sunday 9.00am - WIA News and QNews

Monday 7.00pm - Redcliffe & Districts Radio Club live

Tuesday evening 7.30pm - VK4EA

Wednesday evening 8.00pm - VK4YAC - in conjunction with the voice net

Thursday evening 8.00pm - NASA feed - VK4ABZ

Friday evening 7.00pm - Ham Nation by VK4SU